Natural Animal Solutions- OsteoForte 60 Capsules

Natural Animal Solutions- OsteoForte 60 Capsules

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Natural Animal Solutions Osteoforte

Arthritis is a painful and uncomfortable condition for pets. Natural Animal Solutions have designed Osteoforte to put the bounce back into your pets step. This unique formula is high strength, small dosage formula with fantastic value. It contains a completely unique formula with naturopathic ingredients to nourish your pets joints naturally. Free from NSAIDs and steroids, this patented formulation is constantly well reviewed and easy to administer to your pet.

Natural joint support capsules
High strength, small dosage formula
NSAID and steroid free
Easy-dose gel capsules with no artificial fillers, flavours, colours, or preservatives
Clinically tested as suitable for cats and dogs of all ages
Directions for use:Add to food up to twice daily.

Dose for cats: 1/4 capsule twice daily

Dose for dogs: for 10-15kg give 1 capsule once daily. For 30kg, give 1 capsule twice daily. For 60kg give capsules twice daily.

Hemidesmus indicus (10:1) Moringa pterygosperma (5:1) Tinospora cagillipes (10:1) Boerhaavia diffusa