Natural Animal Solutions- Dermal Cream 60g

Natural Animal Solutions- Dermal Cream 60g

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Natural Animal Solutions Dermal Cream

This naturally formulated remedy for dogs and cats contains 10 key natural ingredients, including Vitamin E, Neem seed oil, comfrey oil, witch hazel, and Lavender essential oil, to nourish the skin deeply. This cream is ideal for use on dry skin once or twice daily. It soothes without stinging, improves the condition of pads, paws, nose, and elbows, and may help to avoid a trip to the vet.

Soothing, moisturising solution
Contains natural ingredients including Vitamin E, neem seed oil, and lavender essential oil
Perfect for dry skin
Cortisone free
Suitable for cats, dogs, horses, and small animals of any age
Directions for use: Apply to affected area once or twice per day as required.

Ingredients List
Neem seed oil Comfrey oil Witch hazel Golden seal Yarrow Lavender essential oil Vitamin E Aluminium acetate solution Grapefruit seed extract Rosemary extract