About Us

Molly & Me.

Molly was my childhood dog, we grew up together, she taught me what the love and loyalty of an animal can do for a person.Molly is the very reason I found my passion and I never would have imagined this could also be my career. Our name is inspired by the worlds silliest Labrador, my darling girl and first best friend. A daily reminder of where this all began, in good times and in bad when it was just Molly & Me.

From our family to yours.

After loosing our beautiful girl to cancer I began researching, there had to be something better out there than dry food. I stumbled upon the fresh feeding revolution, we cut all the hidden nasties out of dogs diets. To our surprise the benefits just kept rolling in- healthy coats and teeth, high energy levels just to name a few. I am very grateful to have each of these wonderful dogs in my life, and I want to have my trio around for as long as possible.



We're proud to bring to you the highest quality, most unique products in the pet industry. We want to make it easier for you to bring wholesome food into your dogs life. From our family to yours, lots of love and careful attention goes into selecting stock. We know you'll love them as much as our pups do.

Love Katelyn- Maverick, Ellie and Willow x