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The dog behind the name

Molly was my childhood dog, I was blessed to grow up alongside a dog with a heart as pure as can be. The very reason I found my passion, a passion that ultimately led me to a career I love so very much.

​We lost our beautiful girl to Cancer in 2017 a few months after her 12th Birthday but not before she shared every ounce of love she had. Molly was a wonderful big sister to our oldest dog Maverick, she helped show him the ropes and made sure he had all the skills to support us just as she had. We find him often sitting on Mollys Step where she used to spend her mornings soaking up the sun, we believe that she still guides him here.

 Molly & Me is named after the worlds silliest Labrador, my darling girl and first best friend. A daily reminder of where this all began, in happy times and in sad when it was just Molly & Me.

Why Mental Stimulation is just as important as going for a walk.

Mental Stimulation is a necessary but often over looked part of a dogs day. With a variety of toys out there making adding bordom busters to your day quick and easy it's an important addition to your dogs life. The addition of Bordom Busters is an awesome way to keep your dogs brain active, they are effective in lowering stress and can even help in alleviating destructive behaviours around the house.

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We support fresh feeding for dogs!

It's easy to get lost in the world of commercial dog food. Dry dog food relies on the addition of synthetic nutrients to meet the everyday requirments of your dog. Ever wondered why our own Doctors are telling us to eat more fresh food and less processed foods, yet the majority of our Vets are telling us to feed less fresh and more processed. It just doesn't make sense does it? We challenge you to question your dogs food just as you would you own and we are always happy to help you on your journey to fresh.

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Molly & Me Dog Grooming

Our dog grooming salon is open Monday- Friday from 8AM to 4:30PM. The girls are always happy to help with any grooming related questions you may have. Our head groomer is one of 4 Certified Fear Free Professional Groomers in Victoria, and we treat our pack like family. We are currently accepting new clients and take all breeds and sizes, pop in or give us a ring today to discuss your pups next grooming session.

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